Lent Retreat: 2018

from the ISC: Glasgow


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If your town or city is mentioned a group is planned for your area.
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If there is no group in your area, get in touch anyway, there may be sufficient people to start a group, or you could do the retreat individually or with an online group.
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  Thinking of Leading a Group?

If you are thinking of leading a group there are a few points to consider:
  1. Selecting a Venue: If you wish to use a church venue, then talk to the person in charge well in advance.
    There will probably be an advantage in trying to get your church or parish to take on the retreat as their lenten prayer. This may well mean the venue is free and also help in publicising the event so that you get a reasonable sized group.

  2. Getting a Group together: We advise that 8-12 is the ideal number. It may be you already have a prayer group or other group of people and you don't want any more participants. 
    You may also decide you want a 'Young Adults' group, or a 'Women's Group' or 'Men's Group', or an open group.
    If groups are open to participants, then we would be happy to put you in touch with people who enquire about the retreat from your area.
    If more than a dozen people apply, then you could lead the workshops in prayer with the whole group, but divide off into groups of about 8 for the sharing session.
  3. Leading the Group Meeting: It would be helpful if the leader has experience of prayer such as 'Lectio Divina', Imaginative Contemplation etc.
    If you don't, then we will be providing crib sheets to help. You are not setting yourself up as the local guru on prayer and you are not expected to be any more pious or holy than the other members of the group.